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The Story of the Ug-Thumb

A few weeks ago I noticed that that white under-area of nails was growing on my left thumb. As in my nail was separating from my nail bed. Yuck, I know. I couldn’t figure out why it was happening but it didn’t hurt so I just kept on painting my nails—out of sight, out of mind. That is until I felt a weird pressure on my thumb. Not pain, just a feeling I’d never felt before. Worried I could be losing my thumb nail, I went to a dermatologist who specializes in nails.

nail problem anti fungus

Turns out my thumb nail had suffered trauma. Sounds like I did something crazy, right? Nope. I did a routine under-the-nail cleaning, only I dug a little too deep. Like a run in a pair of tights, I created a tiny separation between the nail and skin and it just kept growing. (My frequent use of acetone really irritated it.)

Anyway, the doctor’s instructions were: cut the nail as short as possible, no bandaid, avoid water, and of course, no nail polish. Oh, and I have to use an anti-fungal lotion to avoid real nastiness.

nail problem anti fungus

Having to look at what I call my ug-thumb has been heartbreaking. I’ve given Tumblr a bit of a break, because, well, it’s difficult to see all these beautiful nails. But I could’ve lost the nail completely, so I’m just thankful my ug-thumb is still holding on and steadily growing out.

In the meantime, I’ve found a temporary solution so that I can get back on my nail art game—nail rings! I’ve only got one so far but since I have a couple months before my thumbs completely grows out, I’m on a mission for more.

nail art ring armor