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Caviar Nails: Pass on the Champagne

caviar nail art polish

Ciaté, a UK nail polish brand, is about to stock their super fancy nail art kits in Sephora this April. The kit will include polish and the caviar-like beads, which many nail art heads have already been using for a while now, and will come in black, white, and multi.

While I like the beads, I’m not partial to covering my entire nail with them. Even as a lover of 3D nail art, I like my own nail to be totally flat. Nothing grinds my gears more than a too-thick gel (or acrylic back in the day) manicure. This caviar style reminds me of those dreadful mani mistakes.

Although I must admit, this pic of the caviar look in all black is kinda nice.

caviar manicure polish

And the application steps? As simple as your kindergarten glitter crafts.

Will you be testing this trend out? What do you think about the white and multi variations?